Treedefi - Ecofriendly Yield Farming
The First Eco-Friendly Decentralized Exchange on the Binance Smart Chain


TreeDefi is a DeFi protocol operating on the Binance Smart Chain focused on Yield Farming. Our project is based on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange), that allows our users to farm tokens, stake tokens, swap tokens, earn and win tokens through games and governance. As of October our Decentralized Exchange also allows users to offset their own transactions, through the introduction of our new CO2 Credit Token.
TreeDefi was built following our intense studies of the recent BSC Yield Farming Platform explosion. Our team has been involved in cryptocurrency for the past 7 years, and it’s always surprising to see how creative the landscape keeps getting. We’ve had a great time operating on some of the other Yield Farms, and an even better time figuring out which ones are operating under scummy principles just to steal from users.
We’re doing it all for a good cause. A third (⅓) of all transaction fees on our platform go towards planting real life trees. Everyone in our team is a nature lover and it’s been sad to see how negligent the Bitcoin mining community has been towards the environment. Our contribution might not be massive, but if we ensure the safety of your investment and the prosperity of our community and platform we could make a significant difference. Together we are strong.
We are working closely with other planting organizations and private landowners in Indonesia, Brazil and other potential countries to expand our tree planting and supply our Carbon Dioxide Offset activities for users and companies.
Check our to stay up to date with all of our donations and tree planting activities.

Unique Features

We’ve been studying the most trusted and succesful DeFi platforms and we’ve created our own set of features that best fit our goals and aspirations for the future of the project.
New features are coming and will be updated daily through our Medium page

🌲 Total Planted Trees (TPT)

the why, when and how
We have a lot of respect for some of our honest competitors on the BSC, who are always striving to stay competitive, innovative and loyal to their users. That’s why we’ve studied them and adapted the most innovative concepts to our platform. But we wanted to have something that is truly our own.
We haven’t seen other platforms use their power and community for a good cause, so we decided to use one third (⅓) of the deposit fees on our platform to plant real trees via nonprofit organizations and stakeholder engagement. It’s a great cause that we care deeply about, especially since Cryptocurrency mining has been affecting the environment more than several countries combined each year.
In practice ⅓ of the deposit fees will always go to a separate address, used only for donations. We are in contact with multiple nonprofit organizations, some of them accepting cryptocurrency. However, we are committed to convert our crypto into FIAT in order to make donations for those who can't accept cryptocurrency at this moment.

🛡️ Harvest Guard

say goodbye to short term market manipulation
As you’ve probably noticed, most yield farms have relatively a low TVL (Total Value Locked). A value of 10, 15, 20 or even 50 million dollars might seem like a large sum to an individual, but when an entire platform has that value it guides the tokenomics into dangerous territory.
Most projects on the BSC are based on money making principals and the only way they can prosper is through continuous cash flow. But this must be accordingly because free farming will incentivize people to farm and dump a platform's token.
We are developing an anti pump & dump system that we call Harvest Guard. It will avoid price manipulation on our platform by locking part of the harvested tokens. 30% of your tokens will be released instantly, while 70% will be locked in harvest guard. The harvest guard will last 7 days, but for each new block added, a percentage of your harvest will be unlocked. So you will gradually receive all of your tokens through the next 7 days. This will help us keep a healthy token price, and will stop users from purchasing large quantities of tokens just to manipulate the market in the short term.
Don’t be scared by the fact that your tokens are not fully retrievable instantly, the same applies to everyone and it’s developed to benefit everyone’s interest. Harvest Guard can be implemented on specific farms and doesn't have to be present platform-wise, so we'll only add it to the farms that need it when the time comes.
Keep in mind that you can always withdraw your LP tokens from liquidity with no delay. Harvest Guard is applied only to farm rewards.

🦾 NFTrees

One of our main goals since the beginning of the project has been to give Defi real world applications and NFTs are a great starting point for our mission, as they share lots of our views on the future of collectibles and blockchain implementation in the real world.
NFTrees are currently available and continuously being traded on our marketplace at
Our NFT system allows us to connect the NFTree to a living, CO2 breathing, O2 exhaling tree in real life. Through a combination of on chain and off chain data we can ensure information immutability to NFTree holders across the board.
This includes:
  • Name & Scientific Name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of origin
  • Place of birth
  • Longitude & Latitude
  • Proof
  • CO2 absorbed
This offers our users a way to own a unique blockchain collectible, help the environment and one day visit the tree they helped plant in real life, allowing them to visualise the impact they’re having on the environment from a first person point of view.
NFTrees implement ERC-721 standard to turn them into collectibles.
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Unique Features
🌲 Total Planted Trees (TPT)
🛡️ Harvest Guard
🦾 NFTrees